Sibling House

Designed by Grove Architects this elegant Eastern Suburbs residence was shortlisted by both the Australian Institute of Architects NSW, and Houses, for the Residential Alterations & Additions category. The project entailed renovating one of two twin houses, requiring a careful balance between respecting the existing house, while completely reinventing the function and feel for the new owners. Through a series of selective changes, the house has been completely revitalised, turning it from a ‘twin’ to a ‘sibling’. The build entailed new double-height spaces, a generous new entry, kitchen courtyard, and a completely revitalised relationship between the street and house. Two small rear extensions created new garden interfaces, a new bay window, and planted roof terrace.

"A complex design flawlessly executed. The level of finish achieved on all elements was outstanding. Bespoke building at its best."
Eastern Suburbs, NSW


2018 MBA Excellence in Housing Award Winner
Shortlisted: 2018 AIA Residential Architecture Award

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