St George Sailing Club

The St George Sailing Club redevelopment exemplifies innovative design and precise construction in Sans Souci's challenging marine environment. Demolishing and deconstructing the existing structures posed unique challenges, met with creative solutions like steel sheet piles for the marine deck's temporary platform. Environmental consciousness guided the deconstruction, repurposing salvaged hardwood for an architectural farm residence. The marine structure, sea wall, clubhouse, and boatshed were expertly constructed, introducing novel techniques such as HDPE sleeves for pristine finishes on CFA piers. Despite complexities, the collaborative approach ensured project success within budgetary constraints, extending structural life and earning high client satisfaction.

It was clear from the initial interview process Join was different to its competitors. Both Josh and Ian’s willingness to share their expertise in the design process to ensure both the Architect’s vision and Club’s budget were both met was priceless.During the build we faced the challenges of the Covid lock downs and connected issues. The cooperation from Join to work through these issues in a transparent and team like manner was the key to the success of the project. Understandably not on time, but incredibly the project was essentially on budget and delivered to an award-winning finish (NSW Architecture Award for Public Works).Thank you Join and I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.
Anthony King, Building Committee/Treasurer
Sans Souci, NSW


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